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    Discover Puppiezo's holistic approach to pet care with our nutritious meals, supplements, and grooming products. From premium chicken breast and pumpkin meals to essential supplements and grooming essentials, we cater to every aspect of your pup's health and well-being.


    • 100% human grade ingredients
    • No preservatives or fillers
    • Balanced meals for optimum nourishment

    Why puppiezo?

    Best Fresh Food Online for Puppies, Adults and Senior Dogs

    From our kitchen to yours, Puppiezo is committed towards providing farm fresh, natural and premium food to your pooch! We cater to the needs of all clients aka your pet dog from big to medium to small we’ve got you covered. Whether it be chicken or paneer, we’ve got just the right flavours and ingredients for your fur baby’s taste buds and gut. No harmful preservatives, no scrap & no hidden ingredients. Just pure nutrition and mouth watering flavours!

    Why is Puppiezo the best online store for dog fresh food?

    Fresh food is extremely nutritious and incorporates all the ingredients and nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy. There should be no compromise when it comes to the health of your dog. That’s why Puppiezo is here! With years of experience in pet care, our expertise and love for dogs has helped us create this wholesome formula that includes all natural ingredients such as chicken, veggies and even paneer! With absolutely no preservatives, no artificial flavours and it’s also grain free! All of this in a single pack along with feeding guidelines so your pet dog gets all the right nutrients in the right quantities

    7 Benefits of Fresh food for dogs:

    1) Prevents dehydration: Puppiezo Fresh food has ample amounts of moisture to keep your pooch hydrated and healthy! The extra moisture content also helps support digestive and urinary health.

    2) Fresh ingredients: With Puppiezo’s fresh food, your dog gets farm fresh ingredients without you having to inconvenience yourself. Puppiezo ‘s fresh food uses ingredients like chicken and paneer to ensure that your pet has a meal that is rich in protein, irrespective of whether they opt for non vegetarian or vegetarian options.

    3) No preservatives or artificial flavours: With our vet formulated meals and technology, we ensure that the food remains fresh without any external preservatives.

    4) Weight management: Puppiezo’s pet experts have provided feeding guidelines with every pack you purchase. Based on your dog’s weight, the meals can be served without the problem of your pet dog being over or under fed.

    5) Healthy Diet: With Puppiezo’s fresh meals, your pet dog has a healthy diet without you having to worry at all! Puppiezo’s fresh food covers all the nutrients your dog needs to nourish their bodies and keep themselves healthy.

    6) Better digestion and gut health: Fresher and simple ingredients are always easier to digest compared to highly processed foods that we generally provide to little pooches. This in turn improves general digestion and gut health of your pet dog. Healthy gut, healthy life!

    7) Improved skin and coat health: With ingredients like fish oil and sunflower oil, your pet dog’s fur will shine and sparkle like a star. This means less itchy skin, dandruff and dryness!

    How to transition your pooch to a fresh food diet?

    With Puppiezo’s food transition guides, helping your pet dog adopt a healthy, fresh food diet is a piece of cake! Here are some steps you might want to keep in mind while the transition takes place (SPG):


    Don’t try to rush the transition process, just trust the process. It’s essential to follow the transition guide and ensure that your pet is enjoying their meals. Once your pet has fully adapted the diet, you’re good to go! Convenience, safety and nutrition are all at your doorstep with Puppiezo’s fresh food.


    Ensure that you are feeding your dog the right quantity of food. You can do this by referring to Puppiezo’s transition guide and feeding charts. Right food in the right quantity is the way to a healthy life.


    With Puppiezo’s pre portioned fresh dog food, your work becomes a lot easier and the food is easy on your dog’s stomach. Make sure to follow the feeding and transition charts to make the transition process smoother.

    We may not understand the language dogs speak, however everyone understands one language-the language of poop. The secret is in the poop. Check your dog’s stool from time to time to ensure that their digestive system is healthy.

    What nutrients does a dog require to have a healthy and long life?

    Like humans, dogs also need a balanced and wholesome diet that is enriched with nutrients. They require proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Chicken and paneer recipes from our fresh food collection cater to the protein requirements of your furbaby. Our chicken recipes have ingredients such as eggs which provide the right amount of protein and fats that your pet needs. Puppiezo’s Chicken recipes also contain sweet potatoes that act as a healthy source of fiber and carbs, veggies provide the minerals, moisture and antioxidants, while fish oil and sunflower oil are rich sources of omega 3 and 6. Our paneer recipes contain real and fresh paneer that enables your pet to have a high protein diet. Apart from Paneer, the recipe includes chickpeas which is again a high source of proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. With a blend of sweet potatoes, veggies, flax seeds, sunflower oil and vegetarian sources of omega 3, your pooch has all their dietary needs covered with all the nutrients their body needs to play, cuddle with you and have lots of fun! A healthy and happy pet makes a happy pet parent.

    Healthy dog life in 5 steps

    1) Healthy food

    Just like humans, dogs too require a healthy diet to maintain a healthy life! If you’re a new pet parent with puppies at home, now’s the time to start giving your pet Puppiezo’s fresh meals to ensure a healthy diet right from the start. Even if your dog is an adult, it’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle. Senior dogs also require the right nutrients, giving your pet the right food from the very beginning ensures that they are strong and healthy even when they grow old.

    2) Walks and sniffing

    Puppiezo’s fresh meals can help our furry clients maintain internal healthy and have a pawsome physique. Along with a good diet, it’s essential to exercise regularly. We all love a good long walk. Walking with your dog is good not only for your dog’s health but also for your own well being. Sniffing can also be a great exercise for your dog. Our little pooches are inquisitive and curious about everything. Don’t stop them from sniffing and searching. In fact, you can make the sniffing more interesting by using treats and toys. Sniffing is actually a great exercise for dogs. Never underestimate the power of sniffing. Ensure that the places your dog sniffs are safe and devoid of any harmful materials.

    3) Proper grooming

    Brushing often tends to get rid of loose hair and distribute natural oils evenly. Along with brushing the fur, trimming nails and cleaning their ears regularly keeps them clean and free of any bacteria as well as less prone to infection. Giving weekly baths and brushing their teeth regularly is also important for their overall health..

    4) Regular vet checkups 

    Routine check ups are essential for preventive care, vaccinations and early detection of any underlying health problems.

    5) Quality time

    Every furbaby deserves love and pampering. Don’t forget to spend lots of time with your pooch! A good way to do that, is to take walks with them, play with them, and of course eat with them! While you enjoy your different recipes for dinner and lunch, your little furry friend can also enjoy a delicious, wholesome and healthy meal throughout the day.


    • Zo fresh meals provide complete and balanced nutrition, if consumed on the basis of the feeding chart provided. However, for better health, you can provide added nutrients to your pet by giving them Puppiezo’s premium line of supplements.
    • No there is no minimum order quantity.

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